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If you have already called a few of those large national locksmth firms you will be glad to hear that you have finally found yourself a small local locksmiths serving Bognor Regis.
As a family owned business we won't be charging silly money for a locksmith service and we can be on site quicker than any of those national franchises that pretend to be based here.
If you're looking for a locksmith in Bognor Regis that can deliver a friendly and reasonably priced service then I'm your man!

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Family Firm
  • Reputable
  • Trustworthy
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Locks Replaced & Upgraded

Working as a Bognor Regis locksmith for commercial and domestic customers means I encounter all sorts of locks, doors and fittings for all kinds of applications.
I stock all the latest British Standard locks as well as budget ranges and high security specialist locks for vulnerable premises. Whatever your security level there is a suitable lock.
I carry out lock changes in Bognor Regis for a lot of landlords and letting agents during eviction work and just for peace of mind when an old tenant has vacated and the property needs securing.
If you are unsure about what a locksmith can do for you or would like to discuss further just give me a call directly on the number above.

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Repairs to uPVC Door Locks

Door repair work in Bognor Regis is a large portion of my local work now that most homes have some form of double glazed door.
Some locksmiths and door firms will not entertain the idea of a repair but push the sale of a new door. This is rarely necessary and the majority of faulty or jammed upVC door locks can be restored to as new contidion.
If your uPVC door has become stiff, not locking correctly or is obviously broken then give me a call and I will see you right, whether it just needs a few adjustments or a complete new lock mechanism, I am confident I can save you a lot of money when compared with a door replacement.

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Remember: Use Local Locksmiths in Bognor Regis

One last reminder just to ensure you dodge the rogue national locksmith firms!
Check the firm you are ringing is genuinely local. If you got through to a call centre or secretary the chances are it's a middleman firm that will be charging a premium.
Make sure their quotes are clear on VAT and parts charges! Some larger locksmith firms will sting you on product markup and with the addition of VAT.


Updated: 28/12/2017

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I try and encourage all customers to leave reviews of my locksmith service as it helps others find us amongst all the large national firms. Please email me directly or leave a review on any of the review platforms that we use if you'd like to have your say.